Philadelphia / Phillipsburg White Doves Released

The White Dove Loft
The birds housed in this loft are a combination of various bloodlines with such know names as: Pletinckx, Janssen, Bandit and Trentons.  Through selective breeding I favor and strive for a small compact hen.  These return and fly the best for me.  All the birds are seamless banded at an early age and receive the standard routine inoculations.  They are wormed before the breeding and racing seasons.  If any medications are required they are isolated and the problem is addressed with professional help.
Training begins at an early age.  First comes familiarization to the loft and its immediate area.  When the birds are tripping (flying away for extended periods) they then begin their road training at ever increasing distances.  I try to have the birds out to eighty miles during this period.  This training period usually separates the birds into the type bird I'm striving to keep.
When the birds return from a training toss they always find fresh water and feed in the loft.  Their self chosen perch is always available as overcrowding is never tolerated. This type care and training makes for a happy bird that wants to come home.
This state of the art loft was designed and built with the birds well being as a foremost consideration.  The site was cleared to allow the optimum amount of sunlight into the loft through the clear corregated panels on the roof front. It is raised off the ground for air flow and to keep the loft dry.  All lower components are pressure treated to prevent deterioration for the once a year pressure washing.  The walls are double insulated and ventilation is provied without drafts to the birds.  The inside is painted white with wire bottom drop through box perches.  Below each box perch is an angled dropping board which is cleaned out by opening doors located in the back of the loft.  The floor is slatted with pull out cleaning trays also cleaned from the back and outside of the loft.  This design rarely has the birds coming into contact with their droppings and the bloom/ dust is greatly reduced.  The automatic waters are heated in the winter and automatic timers control the necessary lighting requirements.  This is not the first loft we have constructed but it does work in our area for us.
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