White Dove
Release Policy
The Lofts of J. Dvornicky will not release white doves in any severe weather conditions.  This includes high winds, fog, thunderstorms, and heavy rain/ snow.

We also will not release our white doves if there is not enough time for the birds to reach home before dusk.

The doves will not be released if there is a danger.  This includes loose animals and close wires that could be a hazard to the doves.

The decision to release doves is the responsibility of the dove handler

We do not release doves inside.

We do not ship doves for self-release.

We release only well trained, well cared for white racing pigeon stock which are banded with seamless bands.

Every event has at least one knowledgeable release coordinator present.

Appropriate attire is worn for all events and the release coordinators are 100% reliable and on time.

(610) 847 - 2276joe8387@epix.net