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We specialize in the hand release of doves at your wedding ceremony (see WEDDING section).  Basket and multiple bird  releases are available.
Our display cages compliment any setting and the display of live birds is an added attraction to all.
White Dove Releases in Pennsylvania
The Lofts of J. Dvornicky
We specialize in white dove releases in Pennsylvania.  Our white dove releases in Pennsylvania service the Philadelphia areas and nearby Cherry Hill, New Jersey areas.  Our white dove releases will compliment your wedding ceremony for a memorable experience.  Free practice is provided for our white dove releases. 
This free practice takes place at our loft and is recommened so that your photographer may capute the perfect release moment.  The white dove releases we provide are presented in a professional manner in accordance with the standards of the WDRP (White Dove Release Professional) group of which we are a proud member.  Contact us for white dove releases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
White Dove Release Professionals